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Safety News

'Taking Forklift Safety Seriously'

SafeWork NSW has announced a forklift safety campaign running over the next 12 months. SafeWork NSW (previously know as WorkCover NSW) announced that the campaign is designed to help business prevent forklift injuries and fatalities. SafeWork NSW state they are planning a large number of site visits specifically targeting sit down counterbalance forklifts. The target however is the systems of work and behaviour not specifically the forklifts.

3 key messages of this project include:
1. Make sure forklifts and pedestrians are separated,
2. Make sure the load is stable, or use a suitable lifting attachment if needed, and
3. Make sure operators always wear a seat belt.

SafeWork NSW have allowed us to publish this link to 3 sets of posters developed for this programme.

Forkpro Australia encourages all users and persons in charge of forklift activity to read these thoroughly and heed the messages.


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